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Heavy Metal Toxicity

Heavy Metal Detoxification
Heavy metals interfere with cellular function. How much they interfere and what symptoms they cause depends upon their location, their intrinsic properties, how much of the metal is present and the immune response of the individual. Metal toxicity is notorious for producing symptoms that mimic other diseases.

Lead toxicity: EDTA Chelation therapy is an FDA-approved therapy for lead toxicity. Common sources of lead include fumes from leaded gasoline (though leaded gasoline has been outlawed for automobiles, diesel fuel still contains lead); dust from old, lead-containing paints; water; and leaded crystal or glazes on ceramic-ware.

Mercury Toxicity: If Mercury is the metal that needs to be removed from the body, we offer oral and intravenous chelation treatments that are safe and well tolerated. Possible sources of mercury include fish, industrial exposure (diesel fuel, coal-based power plants) and dental amalgams.

Testing for heavy metal toxicity: There are multiple points of view as to the best test for heavy metals. In some cases, physicians suggest that blood or 24 hour urine collection are the best such tests. We believe that blood and 24 hour urine collection tests are suitable for individuals exposed to high amounts of toxic metals within the previous few weeks. Following the exposure, the metal slowly leaves the blood. Some of it is excreted into the hair or urine, but some of the metal is absorbed by bodily tissues.

After several weeks, we believe that a blood or conventional urine test will no longer produce results reflecting the true level of the toxic metal in the body. Since the metal has entered tissues, there is a need to use a chelating drug to penetrate these tissues and provoke (or pull out) the metal into the urine. This method of testing is called provocative or mobilization testing. Though it is, in some circles, considered controversial, this laboratory test has been documented in at least one textbook (Ambulatory Pediatric Care, 1988, edited by R. Dershewitz), as well as research studies.



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“Under the pressures of vigorous chewing and grinding, very small amounts of mercury vapor may be released. There is no valid, scientific evidence that associates this minute amount of mercury vapor with any health problems.” 
—American Dental Association.

“All forms of Mercury are quite toxic…”
—EPA, 1994.

“The mercury from dental amalgam may contribute from 0 to more than 75% of your total daily mercury exposure, depending on the number of amalgam fillings you have, the amount of fish consumed and exposure from other less common sources…”
—Center for Disease Control.



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